3 Legged Dog Films and Resolute Films present This Beautiful City, a twisted and dark tale of urban isolation and human relations, written and directed by first-time feature and award-winning short filmmaker and stage director Ed Gass-Donnelly.TBC-poster

This Beautiful City is a sharp-eyed, character–driven story about five characters who become connected after a woman plummets from the balcony of her downtown condo and is discovered by a drug-addicted prostitute, her newly clean boyfriend, and a cop.

The interesting aspect of the film is that an accident leads to the chain of unexpected events – the break-up of a marriage, the death and the destruction of dreams. A woman falls from her condo apartment and the consequences of this causes her marriage to fall apart. Although no one has expected that a content couple would miss their silver wedding anniversary gifts. Sometimes life does work that way.

The film is set in the heart of Toronto’s downtown west end – a neighborhood comprised of artists, derelicts, and the nouveau riche. Teetering on the cusp of change, it is a place where decadence and desperation mingle in the streets. Prostitutes hustle outside of $700,000 condos while the city’s affluent lurk through dingy alleys in search of the next grunge chic.

This Beautiful City stars Kristin Booth (Kardia, Prairie Giant, Foolproof), Caroline Cave (The L Word, Six Figures), Stuart Hughes (Troubled Waters, Where the Truth Lies), Noam Jenkins (All Hat, Saw II, The Statement), and Aaron Poole (Z.O.S., Touch the Top of the World, Gangster Exchange)

This Beautiful City was produced by Lee Kim, Aaron Poole and Ed Gass-Donnelly who also wrote, directed and edited the film. Production designer and costume designer Rachel Ford, cinematographer Micha Dahan, and music supervisors FemBots complete the creative team.

This Beautiful City is a privately financed picture, and was produced with the participation of Seville Pictures, which also serves as Canadian distributor and international sales agent.